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Advertise in the Journal of Nursing for 3 Months 

Only $250 for 6 Issues.

Special Introductory Rate!

Reach over 1.95 million RNS 6 times! Get six (6) quarter-page display ads over 3 months. Three (3) in the Journal of Nursing (JON), and three (3) in the Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing (JAPN)!


The Fastest Way To Reach Experienced, Full-Time RNs. Only $250 for 6 Issues!

American Society of Registered Nurses®


The Perfect Way To Advertise

Advertise in the Journal of Nursing for 3 months, 6 issues.  You'll get three (3) display ads in the JON and three (3)  in the JAPN.   Reach over 1.95 million RNs monthly for three months. 
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Reach RNs at Work & Home!

When you advertise in the Journal of Nursing you'll be a "Featured Employer" for three (3) months.  Reach the RNs you need. Call Karen Redinger at (415) 324-5895!
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We're the #1 Nursing Association in the Country.  We're located just over the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, California.


About Us

We're the American Society of Registered Nurses (ASRN). We've provided extraordinary services to nurses since 1983.    


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Contact Karen Redinger to learn more. She'll be happy to provide you with more info.
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American Society of Registered Nurses™
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Telephone: (415) 324-5895

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